Tackling Emerging Health Issues Panel

The 2018 Agents of Change Summit will feature expert panels diving deep into issues and concepts that impact our behavior change initiatives. Each panelist will give an 8-10 minute TED-like presentation followed by a 20-minute moderated Q&A. We are excited to share our third panel with you.


This panel will discuss best practices for emerging public health issues. Our three expert panelists will share their insights on public health in the age of cannabis legalization, how to address vaping and e-cigarettes, and how to design better opioid prevention campaigns. 

Andrew Freedman, colloquially known as Colorado’s Marijuana Czar, was the state’s first Director of Marijuana Coordination and is co-founder of Freedman & Koski. He will share how he ensured safe and effective regulation while promoting public health, maintaining public safety, and keeping marijuana out of the hands of children. The first few years post-legalization will define the industry for generations to come. Andrew will focus on the most critical public health battles and how to win them.

Michelle Bellon, VP of Media & Strategy at Rescue Agency will discuss the tricky world of e-cig messaging and how creating a campaign that targets tobacco prevention comprehensively can be more effective than targeting e-cigarette and vaping use alone. She will also discuss how to navigate the robust pro-vaping community online and provide examples from several statewide campaigns she has lead.

Ann Kim is a Portfolio Director at IDEO. She'll discuss how to design for prevention in a treatment oriented culture. Ann will share how she worked on the former Surgeon General’s Turn The Tide Rx initiative as an entrepreneur in residence at the HHS Idea Lab. She will share tips for how public health can better design prevention campaigns or initiatives. 

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